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The Bleecker Snow Rovers was formed around 1972 by a group of dedicated snowmobilers in the Town of Bleecker. This group maintained the trails through the town so neighboring snowmobile riders would have a more enjoyable ride. The Club has grown slowly, but the maintenance has grown immensely.

Club Information

This is a year round job. During the Summer and Fall months we repair bridges on private lands, trim and clear trails before the riding season begins. Manpower is always needed. With only a handful of workers this does not always get completed by snowfall. When the snow begins it becomes grooming and maintenance. Anyone interested in helping contact any of the contacts listed to find out where and when. Memberships Click here for Membership Form You can join by coming to our meeting, filing out the membership form and paying your dues. We will e-mail you your voucher for printing( you must have a color printer), or we can mail it to you. You can also join by downloading our membership form on our website, fill it out and send it to us with your dues and we will e-mail or mail your voucher to you. You can also join on- line. Just follow this link Click on Join and follow instructions. You will need a credit card. NYSSA will e- mail you a thank you and your voucher, You can then print out your voucher. You will also receive a Membership card in the mail from the NYSSA. Remember to register your sleds early, since our funding for maintaining the trails depends upon our registrations.
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