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Bleecker Snow Rovers 2020 – 2021 Meetings & Events Meetings are held at the Bleecker Fish & Game Club State Hwy 309 Gloversville at 7pm ** Please remember the COVID-19/CDC guidelines: We will be maintaining social distancing. ** 10/7/2020 Regular Meeting 11/4/2020 Regular Meeting Election of Officers and directors, any one interest in running please attend the meeting 12/2/2020 Regular Meeting (planning for Land Owner Appreciation Dinner & Club Holiday Dinner) 1/6/2021 Regular Meeting 1/16/2021 Land Owner Appreciation Dinner & Club Holiday Party (location TBA) Ride to Party if possible 2/3/2021 Regular meeting 2/6/2021 Possible Winter Fun Day Event @ The Bleecker Fish & Game Club 3/3/2021 Regular Meeting 4/7/2021 Regular Meeting 5/5/2021 Regular Meeting pick a day for the Adopt the Hwy (Great community Service) May TBA Adopt A Highway at 8:00am. Meet at the Bleecker Fish & Game Club St. Hwy 309 at 7:45am to start at 8:00am (need volunteers) 6/2/2021 Regular Meeting (IF NEEDED) Please help support the club in anyway by memberships, purchasing any raffle tickets, coming to the meetings, volunteering for any event, going out, and getting donations for our upcoming events. Thank you for past years support and your continuing support.
Bleecker Snow Rovers