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Bleecker Snow Rovers Trail Conditions As of December 2, 2019 To All Snowmobilers: Even though we have a great start to our snowmobile season, the snowmobile trails are NOT OPEN! 1st - the NYS Snowmobile Trails Do Not Open Until After Hunting Season. 2nd - Our Club Trails do not open until 12/26/19 at the request of several Landowners. We will not be opening any of the gates until then. 3rd - We still have several sections of the trails that have not be cleared from storm damage, we have many sections of blow downs, and bridges that need to be moved back into place from all the flooding. 4th All of our trails have not been completely signed yet for your safety. Please respect our Landowners and stay off the trails. We all have the itch....just scratch it around your house. We are always looking for volunteers to help maintain the trails, many hands makes the cleanup go a lot quicker. We will have our monthly meeting this Wednesday, December 4th at the Bleecker Fish & Game Club meeting starts at 7pm We will be setting up work schedule to continue our trail cleanup, after hunting season ends. Thank you