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As of January 22, 2021 Grooming updates It’s going to be a cold weekend but a great weekend to ride! . (C-8) From Barlow Rd to Pinnacle Rd. open groomed (few stones showing/caution) (C-8) From Pinnacle Rd to Holmes Lake Gate are open (C-8) open groomed From Holmes Lake Gate to Bellows Lake Turn around open groomed (C-8 -C7G) From 112 Bridge to Dick & Pegs Restaurant 29A open groomed Local trails are open from Bleecker Fish & Game Club, Saw Dust Café, Finch & Prime trail to Pecks Lake open & groomed We have been grooming every day this week, trails are looking in great shape. Restaurants & Fish & Game Clubs will do everything they can to accommodate, please have patience, they need to follow the CDC rules in place. Were your mask when needed and remember social distancing. PLEASE REMEMBER WE USE PRIVATE PROPERTY OF SOME OF OUR TRAILS PLEASE RIDE WITH RESPECT & CAUTION. IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE LANDOWNER WE WOULD NOT HAVE THE GREAT TRAILS WE HAVE IN BLEECKER & CAROGA LAKE. All trails are open please ride with caution and always look out for other snowmobilers.