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Bleecker Snow Rovers Trail Conditions As of January 18, 2018 Grooming updates (C-8) From Barlow Rd to Pinnacle Rd. open (few open water holes) (C-8) From Pinnacle Rd to Holmes Lake Gate are open (C-8) groomed  on 1/17 From Holmes Lake Gate to Bellows Lake Turn around open w/water holes (C7G) From Old Haps Tavern to Dick & Pegs Restaurant are open w/water holes    Local trails are open from Bleecker Fish & Game Club to Pecks Lake open w/water holes RIDE WITH CAUTION Trails are open, some open water spots.  (Ride with caution) PLEASE REMEMBER WE USE PRIVATE PROPERTY OF SOME OF OUR TRAILS PLEASE RIDE WITH RESPECT & CAUTION.  IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE LANDOWNER WE WOULD NOT HAVE THE GREAT TRAILS WE HAVE IN BLEECKER & CAROGA LAKE. All trails are open please ride with caution and always look out for other snowmobilers.